Chad and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Janet and Lali’s Loft. Janet and her team were amazing from the first meeting all the way to the execution of the ceremony and reception. Janet went above and beyond the call of duty and gave Chad and I the wedding of our dreams. 

Janet took the time to meet with me and really find out who we were as a couple; as well as, our interest, likes, and dislikes. I am horrible at adequately describing what I pictured in my head as our theme for our wedding, but Janet was able to create exactly what I was thinking, even more! She put together a beautiful Pinterest board just for my wedding and provided us with an array of options and styles to choose from. She also provided with me other brilliant suggestions for the reception that really tied the entire event together.

Janet was there for Chad and I throughout the whole process and walked us through the entire day. Janet and her team flipped the ceremony to reception and gave Chad and I a “first look” into the reception area before the guests took their seats. Seeing the transformation of the outdoor area into an enchanted garden with burst of Poe themes everywhere took my breathe away. I burst into the happiest of tears because Janet and her team gave my husband and me everything we wanted for our special day.  She has a way of providing those special touches that really stand out and make a bride smile. I received so many compliments from our family and friends on how amazing the decorations and reception area were! Chad and I were thrilled to work with Janet and we are so lucky that we had her on our team for our wedding. She is simply amazing and incredible to work with. Hiring Lali’s Loft to coordinate your special day will be the best decision you will make, it definitely was ours!

Brittany Bailey  

Date of Marriage 9-29-18

Our wedding was going to be a beach wedding but unfortunately it rained that day. Janet took our outdoor beach wedding and turned it into a fabulous and wonderful indoor beach wedding and brought the whole beach theme indoors. She saved our day! She is the best in my book. Everything that we requested was provided!!  She was absolutely amazing!!

Jamale & Angelika Stanley 

Date of Marriage 7-21-18

Janet Crump Brown, you planned a wedding that was better than I could of ever dreamed for.  There are no words I can find that will express how much I appreciate EVERYTHING you did to make this day PERFECT for Chris & I.  Every little detail I wanted you made happen and every little detail I never even thought about you surprised me with!!  I think my most used phrase throughout this entire journey was “I have no clue…that’s definitely a Janet question”.  You took all the stress off my shoulders and had a plan and a backup plan for anything & everything.  We were so lucky to have you by our side from start to finish!!

Holley Jenkins 

Date of Marriage 8-18-18